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The ideal gift for that special person: a handmade oil painting from a photo

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PaintYourLife is a fantastic way of capturing special moments or special people: this shop creates a handmade oil painting from your photo. The painting is shipped to you worldwide. They are genuine: after you place your order, you can actually watch a video of the artist painting your specific picture.

You even have the option to select the artist you wish to use, if you prefer. Their prices are shown on their website here in a handy chart, and the pricing structure is very clear. We thought the cost was very reasonable considering that it's hand-painted. Pricing will depend on several factors:

  • the size of the painting
  • the medium you select (oil painting, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pastel, etc)
  • whether there is 1 person versus 2 people, or a landscape, etc
  • the type of frame you select, if you choose to have it framed
  • regular versus express service

What we love: it really caters to an international audience

One of the things we love best about PaintYourLife is that it is truly designed with an international clientele in mind, although it itself is based in the US. You can select the language of the site and the currency you wish to use, without ever having to log in (simply scroll down the page and on the bottom right you'll find these settings). For example, you could be a French-speaking person living in Australia who wishes to browse the site in French using Australian dollars, so you simply set those settings accordingly - and voila! - the site is translated into French and prices are expressed in $AUD.

To which countries does PaintYourLife deliver?

  • All countries globally

And to make it even better, for most of these countries the shipping is free. For a smaller set of countries considered to be "remote countries" there is an additional shipping fee ($49 AUD at time of writing) - you can view their list of remote countries here.

Treat yourself or a loved one

Perhaps you have a photo of yourself (or your child, or spouse) on a special occasion. Why not turn that photo into an oil painting that will become beautiful wall art for your home? You would be surprised how well this can also function as a little bit of a talking point for newcomers to your home, serving as a natural icebreaker. This also works equally well as a gift: impress your romantic partner with a portrait of him or her! Or create a treasured gift for an older and respected relative.

Commission Portrait from Photo


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