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Review of Book Depository - new books that ship internationally

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I've shopped often at Book Depository, shipping both domestically and internationally. Here is a balanced review, with pros and cons.


  1. Has a very wide range of books
  2. You can find some books in languages other than English (although most of the books are in English)
  3. Free shipping at the time of writing. That's right - anything you order ships free, no minimums. You can buy just one book and it'll ship free, anywhere in the world!
  4. Site is easy to navigate and easy to order from.
  5. Books are often cheaper at Book Depository than what they would be on big-name online book shops like Amazon.
  6. Besides books, you can also purchase craft kits and other items - these make excellent gift ideas for kids.


  1. No option to hide the cost on the packing slip in case it's a gift. To be fair, very few retailers offer this option. Still, I'm often ordering books as gifts and I'd rather the recipient not see what I paid.
  2. It can take a fairly long time for the item to arrive. I don't know why it takes awhile, but it does. So I'd recommend ordering your item early. I've never had anything take longer than about 3 - 4 weeks, but that's still awhile for a book.

My shopping experiences at Book Depository

My experiences shopping at Book Depository have been very positive. I order at least 5 books a year, sent to different addresses in addition to my own (usually as a birthday or Christmas gift). I've never had an order go missing. The books are packaged in a sort of really stiff envelope - perfect for keeping the item undamaged and easy for the mail carrier to deliver.

The books always look absolutely pristine so you know the warehousing and packing is done really well. I've never had any damage to the book, even the slightest thing, when I open my Book Depository packages.

The only thing to be aware of is the shipping time. Book Depository specifies the shipping time for your area on their website, so you'll know before you order when it will arrive. For a special occasion gift, be sure to shop a little earlier than you normally would, to be certain it arrives on time.


Book Depository is a reliable and legitimate seller of books. You can find a wide range of books there: fiction, non-fiction, adult, children's, in every topic imaginable. Besides books, their craft kits make great gift options if you're looking for an affordable activity as a gift for a child. I highly recommend them.

If there's a specific book you'd like to find, try out their search box below!


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