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BetterWorldBooks - the socially conscious book shop with international shipping

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Buy Books, Spread Literacy

If you like to shop for books at really low prices with worldwide delivery, then BetterWorldBooks.comimage-8153546-10668689-1295302187000 is for you. They specialize in secondhand books and rare books, although you can also find new books there. You can search by title, author, or simply browse categories. They have plenty of categories, from Arts & Photographyimage-8153546-10554542-1302188428000 to Fiction & Classic Literature, Science Fiction, Philosophy, Children's Books, and so much more. What makes BetterWorldBooks different is their socially conscious mission: they donate a book to literacy causes worldwide for every book you purchase. They also save books from entering landfills by recycling them in this way. Also, their international shipping is done in a carbon-neutral manner.

What we like about BetterWorldBooks

  • Incredibly low prices, even taking into account the fact that most of the books are secondhand.
  • BetterWorldBooks is a great place to find rare and out-of-print titles that you would not normally find in new bookstores.
  • Although predominantly in English, you can also find books in other languages - something which has been difficult for me to find in any other bookshops.
  • We also love their Bargain Bin section. Shop the Better World Books Bargain Bin and get 3 used books for just $10 or 4 for $12, all with Free Shipping Worldwide!image-8153546-10880871-1300805006000
  • Free international shipping. Now that's what we love to hear!

To which countries does BetterWorldBooks deliver?

  • Virtually all countries worldwide

Shipping is free! That's right - no matter where you live, BetterWorldBooks.comimage-8153546-10668689-1295302187000 has free global delivery. Plus, it's done in a carbon-neutral manner. Curious? Take a peek: Bargain Bin


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