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Best places for cheap books online which ship worldwide

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Here are our top 3 places we recommend for buying books online that ship anywhere in the world.

1. Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

Book Depository is our number one recommendation. It's an online bookshop that offers free international delivery (yes, free) - something you see all too rarely these days. Book prices there are fairly cheap, especially by comparison with the high prices of books in brick-and-mortar stores in some countries. I've shopped at Book Depository several times already and had items shipped internationally, and I can attest it's reliable and legit. It's based in the UK, and has warehouses in several locations worldwide. They ship to virtually all countries.

Book Depository sells books in a wide range of categories, and it's definitely worthwhile to take a look. If you're on a shoestring budget, you'll enjoy their bargain shop section.

I especially like the fact that their books are not exclusively UK-centric or US-centric - you can find a big mix here.

Book Depository sells only new books, so if you're looking for rare or used books you might want to try one of the other options below.

2. Powell's Book Shop


Powell's book shop is based in the US and sells new, secondhand and rare books, and they ship globally. I've shopped there myself before also, although it was a while ago while I was living overseas. I used their international shipping and everything went smoothly.

They have an incredible range of categories, and I especially like their Staff Picks section, which is handy if you're seeking inspiration for books for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Powell's is reliable and legit, but the reason it's not my number one pick is simply that their shipping costs more, and their shipping structure is somewhat complicated. At the time of writing, Powell's delivery charges depend in part on which warehouse the books you picked were stocked in. Therefore shipping can become somewhat expensive compared to the other two book shops on this page. Still, if you've managed to find a bunch of really low-priced books in one order, Powell's may work well.

The main strength of Powell's is the ability to find rare or out-of-print books, so if you're seeking something like that, it's well worth taking a look. If you're in that market though, you might prefer the next option even more.

3. BetterWorldBooks

Buy Books, Spread Literacy is an online bookshop specializing in second hand books. They're based in the US and ship worldwide. The two things that impressed me the most about BetterWorldBooks were a) their incredibly low prices, even taking into account that these are secondhand books, and b) their free worldwide shipping. That's right: for a really cheap price, you can purchase a book and have it shipped to you anywhere on the planet.

Besides the cheap price point, BetterWorldBooks comes with a socially conscious mission: for every book you buy, they donate a book to a literacy-based charity.

If you are on a very tight budget, you may like to shop the Better World Books Bargain Bin and get 3 used books for just $10 or 4 for $12, all with Free Shipping Worldwide!image-8153546-10880871-1300805006000

Unlike the previous two shops above, I haven't actually shopped from BetterWorldBooks yet, although when browsing I was impressed to note that there were books in different languages available too - something which has been hard to find elsewhere.

If you're looking for a secondhand, rare or out of print book, BetterWorldBooks is definitely worth looking into. However, if you're seeking new books then Book Depository or Powell's are better.


If you're looking for a cheap online book shop with international delivery, then the 3 options here have you covered! Book Depository specializes in new books with free shipping worldwide; Powell's book shop sells new and secondhand books, while is a socially conscious book shop specializing in secondhand books.


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