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Review: Disrupted by Dan Lyons

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to work at a tech startup? If so, you'll love the hilarious - yet scary - non-fiction book Disrupted from author and journalist Dan Lyons' experience working at HubSpot.

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Best places for cheap books online which ship worldwide

Find out here what our top 3 places are to buy books online with shipping anywhere on the planet. Whether you're buying just one book or many, these are our top recommendations for quality and reliability.

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The ideal gift for that special person: a handmade oil painting from a photo

Looking for a gift idea for a very special yet hard-to-buy-for person? We've got you covered: why not get a handmade oil painting commissioned from a photo? PaintYourLife is a fantastic way of capturing special moments or special people this way. The painting is shipped to you worldwide. They are genuine: after you place your order, you can actually watch a video of the artist painting your specific picture. Although a US-based company, they have designed their site to be truly internationally-friendly. Read on to find out more.

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BetterWorldBooks - the socially conscious book shop with international shipping

If you like to shop for books at really low prices with worldwide delivery, then BetterWorldBooks.comimage-8153546-10668689-1295302187000 is for you. They specialize in secondhand books and rare books, although you can also find new books there. BetterWorldBooks has a socially conscious mission which we describe in more detail in our full article. Therefore you can have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping fund literacy with every book you purchase. We were pleasantly surprised at the low prices; socially conscious businesses don't always compete well on price, but BetterWorldBooks offers an incredibly low price point, often below that of non-socially-conscious competitors.

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